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Get Ice Machine Repair in white plains the best Ice Machine Repair service in white plains by the very best and professionals at Walk in cooler repair white plains. Beverages just aren’t the same when they don’t have ice. It’s nearly impossible to feel cooled down, or even satisfied when you’re drinking something that’s the same temperature as the room you’re standing in. If you’re the owner of a White Plains business, you know a malfunctioning ice machine is more than a mere inconvenience. The broken ice maker can actually cost you business and a great deal of revenue. If you can’t provide your customers with the ice they crave, they will go to your competition. The sooner you get your ice maker repaired, the easier your life will be.


Our Ice Machine Service in White Plains

On the other hand, we’ve seen some of the work our completion has done and based on what we’ve seen, we fully understand why some White Plains businesses and residents decide to purchase a new unit rather than repair their current model. It’s clear the only thing some of these businesses care about is making a quick dollar.


We’re not that way. We take pride in our work!


You should know the repairs on your ice machine might not cost nearly as much as you expect. We have gone to great lengths to keep our overhead as low as we can so we can pass these savings on to you. Based on the information you give when you contact our customer service department, which is ready and willing to listen to your problems 24/7, we will be able to provide you with an estimate. We promise this estimate will reflect the cost of repairing your ice maker. We won’t hit you up with any hidden fees, nor will we charge for the travel time between our Walk-In Cooler Repair White Plains office and your business.

By taking advantage of our services there’s a good chance you will be able to save yourself the cost of a brand new ice maker. By making a couple of simple repairs we could extend the life of your current appliance by several years.

While it’s possible you’ll encounter the same problem over and over again if one of our competitors handles the repair, you can anticipate smooth sailing and lots of good quality ice after we’ve repaired your ice maker. We’ve done everything we can to make sure our repairs withstand the test of time. We hire the best technicians in the area, they have a great deal of experience and have been fully trained. All of the repairs they handle will be efficient and correct.

A long time ago we realized hiring the best ice maker repair techs in the business was just one part of making sure the repairs we handled withstood the test of time. We learned the repairs were only as good as the parts used, which is why we’ll never try to reduce costs by using cheap parts. If we need to swap one of your ice makers worn out parts with a new version, you can rest assured the part will be top quality and manufacturer approved.

Since both the state of New York and the Federal government have created strict laws regarding how chemical coolants can be vented into the atmosphere we have taken the steps to ensure every single one of our service trucks has been equipped with the equipment needed to provide proper containment of the chemicals, preventing leaks until the coolant can be properly disposed of.

We’re so confident about the work we do, on the off chance a repeat service call is warranted, we won’t charge you.

While we have local technician experts on staff who can quickly and accurately repair ice makers built into residential freezers, that’s not the only type of ice machine we fix. If you have a device that makes ice which has stopped working properly, we’ll be able to get it up and running again. We have the resources needed to repair a wide variety of units, including:

Built-in ice makers
Under counter units
Freestanding ice machines

The technicians at Walk-In Cooler Repair White Plains have been factory certified and approved to fix any brand of ice maker you might own.


We repair all ice machine brands including


Ice-O-Matic Ice Machine Repair
Hoshizaki Ice Machine Repair
Scotsman Ice Machine Repair


We specialize in Same day Ice machine repair


The sooner you contact Walk-In Cooler Repair White Plains and alert us to the problem you’ve encountered with your residential or commercial ice machine, the sooner one of our techs can make the repairs, so you can get back to enjoying iced and refreshing drinks.

Walk-In Cooler Repair White Plains is a Female owned business that has been repairing ice makers since 1978. Since we first opened our doors we’ve encountered just about every known problem and know how to deal with it. With a rare exception, we can provide a very accurate diagnosis over the phone. More than one client has been astounded by how quickly we go their ice maker fixed. They had fresh clean ice before their life experienced much upheaval.


Below are some common ice maker problems which we assess and fix on a regular basis.


Ice makers that have developed leaks
Frozen unit
Ice cubes which are smaller than normal or appear to be misshapen
Dirty or discolored ice cubes
Strange tasting ice cubes
Slowed ice production
Ice not dispensing properly or dropping without reason
Lamp or display features not working
The ice machine feels like it’s overheating or working too hard
A machine has become noisy

When you contact Walk-In Cooler Repair White Plains and make arrangements to have one of our brilliant repair technicians come to your home or business, you can rest assured you’re going to get the benefit of fast and accurate service without having to worry about gimmicks, bad parts, or hidden charges.


We years of experience in the service industry and we stand out as we are Licensed and Insured with Highly Trained Techs.

If you are searching for a reliable commercial appliance repair company to deliver top quality with cost-effective repair solutions, You Found US. Here at Walk-in Cooler Repair White Plains, we are indisputably the very best in White Plains!

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